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How to use GtkRadiant with Quake or Tenebrae 1.x
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Extracting textures
The .wad files Base, Medieval, Metal and Wizard are the default textures used in Quake. They correspond to e1, e2, e3 and e4 episode based maps. The start map of Quake uses the Start textures. GtkRadiant does not read .wad files so we need to extract the textures to a format that GtkRadiant does like. Lets being.
  1. Install TexMex to d:\quake\utils\TexMex
  2. Unzip,,, and to d:\quake\id1
  3. Start TexMex and open d:\quake\id1\base.wad
  4. Select the first texture and press CTRL+A (to select all of the textures)
  5. Right Mouse Click in the texture window and select Export -> JPG from the context menu.
  6. Navigate to your d:\quake\id1\textures\q1_base folder and hit OK
  7. Do the same for the remaining .wad files (medieval.wad to q1_medieval, metal.wad to q1_metal, etc.)

You now have all the default Quake textures in JPG format, ready for GtkRadiant. These will be found in the q1 texture group under the Texture menu option once we start up GtkRadiant.

The reason we did not use TGA format is because there is (sometimes) a bug with TexMex where the textures are exported inverted horizontally. The difference for editing is almost unnoticeable anyway.

If you have custom textures you will also need to make a wad file for these custom textures. TexMex will allow you to make a wad file very quickly.

If you are editing for Tenebrae there is a good chance that your textures are 256x256 or 512x512 in size. Once you import your textures into TexMex you will need to resize them from the large format to 128x128 (or smaller) sizes. If you do not do this you will run into problems. The colours may also change, do not worry about this. As Tenebrae uses the tenebrae\override folder for textures, these small sized textures are only included in the .bsp file. You also only need to include the diffuse texture in the wad file. Do not include the _gloss, _bump, _norm, or _luma textures. Once you have made your new wad file, extract the textures to d:\quake\id1\textures\my_textures (change my_textures to something sensible). When mapping, you will use these extracted smaller textures but Tenebrae will load up the override version.

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