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Endarchy (Doom 3) Thanks
Huge thanks goes out to Mikko Määttä for beta testing and suggestions throughout the project, especially towards the end of it. Final testing was performed on a Fedora16 X86_64 Linux system. Mikko is located in Finland (Suomi).

So many final tweaks really helped to make the project "feel" finished.

Industri (Tenebrae 2) core members
  • Maleficus - AI improvements and other game code changes
  • Scorpion - Monster Modeler
  • Tobias Kazumichi Grime[external link] - Sound track and ambient effects
  • aesqe[external link] - Sound track and effects
  • iddy - Sound track
  • Tig - Everything else
Thanks and Credits
The Industri project has only been made possible due to the hard work of many people that are not directly related to the construction of the game. The following is a short list of these people.
  • The Tenebrae Team[external link]
  • id Software[external link] - For releasing the Quake source to the public
  • Shader Lab[external link] - For Q3Map2 and many of the diffuse textures that are used
  • Tawilson[external link] - For releasing diffuse textures to the public
  • n30g3n3s1s[external link] - Weapon and Item models
  • OgrO[external link] - Monster skins
  • Many other artist who have release their work to the public