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Endarchy v1.0.1 released - 26 July, 2012
PinkyYep, even after all these years in development there is room for improvements. This release fixes some of the core issues that people have reported and includes some minor and major game play changes.

The biggest change is the UAC dudes should not shoot you more than once. In the original release, they returned fire if you hit them - and would not stop.

Grab Endarchy (v1.0.1) and enjoy. I'm 99% sure this is the final and last release :]

Public feedback for Endarchy - 18 June, 2012
ImpPeople have played Endarchy and posted their feedback, which is just fantastic really. Here are a few known links: And in case that was not enough great news, people have been uploading video walkthroughs to YouTube. Below are links to a few of them. Be warned, they are a big spoiler if you intend to play the mod! Lots of secrets are given away.
It's DONE! - 7 June, 2012
Hard to believe but true, Endarchy is finally finished. You can in fact download Endarchy, unzip it and play from start to finish.

In case that was not enough you even have a choice of download locations to pick from. OK, that is not too exciting :]

Endarchy plays as a mod of Doom 3, so you will need a full copy of Doom 3 to play. Be sure to have a fully patched version too.

Huge thanks to Mikko Määttä who has been beta testing on Fedora (Linux) and suggesting tweaks over the years.