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Endarchy v1.0.1 released - 26 July, 2012
Yep, even after all these years in development there is room for improvements. This release fixes some of the core issues that people have reported and includes some minor and major game play changes.

The biggest change is the UAC dudes should not shoot you more than once. In the original release, they returned fire if you hit them - and would not stop.

Grab Endarchy (v1.0.1) and enjoy. I'm 99% sure this is the final and last release :]

Public feedback for Endarchy - 18 June, 2012
People have played Endarchy and posted their feedback, which is just fantastic really. Here are a few known links: And in case that was not enough great news, people have been uploading video walkthroughs to YouTube. Below are links to a few of them. Be warned, they are a big spoiler if you intend to play the mod! Lots of secrets are given away.
It's DONE! - 7 June, 2012
Hard to believe but true, Endarchy is finally finished. You can in fact download Endarchy, unzip it and play from start to finish.

In case that was not enough you even have a choice of download locations to pick from. OK, that is not too exciting :]

Endarchy plays as a mod of Doom 3, so you will need a full copy of Doom 3 to play. Be sure to have a fully patched version too.

Huge thanks to Mikko Määttä who has been beta testing on Fedora (Linux) and suggesting tweaks over the years.

All but released! - 27 May, 2012
At long last this project is almost complete. A BETA has been sent off to a few testers.

Based on their feedback final tweaks may be made, then out the door will go Endarchy!

Update: Beta is going well, just a few tweaks required. Hope to have a final release within days. Also uploaded a few final screen shots. (6th June, 2012)

A few new shots - 10 July, 2011
A few new screenshots have been added. Progress has been slow, but steady.

The game is fairly close now. The maps are all fleshed out but there are a few holes in the last level still.

The construction work that is left to do is all related to the final level. Once that is finished, there will be some game play balancing and item layout tweaks.

After that, there will be a RC or BETA release.

Industri is now Endarchy - 22 September, 2010
In-case changing engines was not enough for this project, the title has also changed.

The main reason for the project title change was the fact I was unable to obtain The .org was reasonably priced (after some discussion), but still pretty high for something that will not pay for itself.

So, my partner was given the job of coming up with a name - and she did! Endarchy is a very fitting name for the game. It is much better than the original and while I'm sad to see the old go, I'm happy with the new.

Work has started again - 1 August, 2010
After a lot of time away from this project due to more important projects and work, I'm happy to say I've been finding some time to start work on Industri again. In fact, a lot of work has happened and the entire project is starting to come together.

The ending is about 90% done but there is a huge gap in the middle of the game, the menu system is 100% working but may be re-visited as I'm not completely happy with a few parts. A number of custom features / scripts have been either re-worked or completely changed. And there is a lot more that has been going on.

On a bit of a downside, I may end up changing the name of the project due to the fact I can not afford to buy either or from cyber-squatters. The only name I've been able to come up with has been GrotWorks, if you think you have something better or even a suggestion, feel free to send it into me at tigger (at) lvlworld (dot) com.

A year has passed - 16 June, 2008
Over a year has passed and still this project is not complete. Slow progress is being made, but I still do not get a lot of time to focus on Industri. I'm looking at releasing something a little shorter that was originally planned by cutting a few levels. The problem I have with this approch is the ending may seem a little inconclusive.
A bit of progress... - 31 May, 2007
ImpNot much news other than the beta testing went well and is closed for now. Thanks to everyone who sent in the feedback!

Other than that I took a bit of a break from the development to play through Oblivion and STALKER. I'm extremely glad that I did, however Oblivion took a long time (I did a lot of exploring).

STALKER blew my socks off - the level design and attention to detail is just amazing. Did not think much of game play of the last map of the real ending (with all the teleports), but everything else was great.

A few closed beta testers required (CLOSED) - 4 Nov, 2006
Update: No longer looking. Thanks to everyone that gave feedback!

I'm looking for a few people to beta test the current version of Industri. The following is a list of requirements:

  • Must be able to write feedback.
  • Must know how to load a mod and use the console.
  • Must be able to understand the difference between a beta and a final build.
If this sounds like you, get in touch with me at tigger (at) lvlworld (dot) com and be sure to include the word Industri in the subject line to get past my spam filters.
Site redesign and four new shots - 5 Sep, 2006
The old site was put together very quickly as a holding site until I had enough time to but something more fitting together. That was many years ago now :]

The new look site is a lot easier to maintain and a lot nicer to look at, well thats what I think anyway :]

Four more screenshots have also been uploaded. Nothing really new in these if you have seen the recent trailer, but they are a bit clearer and don't move.

Industri trailer with gameplay footage - 23 Aug, 2006
A 30 second trailer of Industri is now available for download. The video shows some gameplay footage and is in XviD and WMV formats.

I'm also thinking of releasing the 1st 'level' to see if there is much interest in the project. So, be sure to check out the trailer.

Industri screen shots and a teaser video - 1 Feb, 2006
Industri engine change - 24 Jan, 2006
PinkyAfter lots of frustration and constantly finding limitation and issues with the Tenebrae 2 engine, I had a good hard look at alternatives.

A month worth of testing different engines later, the Doom 3 engine was the closest match as far as monsters and requirements. Once I began moving the game over to the new engine I felt silly that I had not done this earlier. The Doom 3 engine is excellent to work with on so many levels. I'm now able to make the game I've always wanted Industri to be.

As soon as I've got some screenshots of the new maps I'll put them.

Industri Alpha Dev-Kit release - 28 Oct, 2005
An Industri Alpha has been released with the all the source files for the game artwork. This includes the map files. Also included are some notes on how to edit levels using GtkRadiant, however this information may be out of date. The download is about 180MB and is complete (that is, you unzip it and can play the game or start working on a level). Download the Industri Alpha Dev-Kit here.
Work to re-start soon - 5 Jun, 2005
[ Shambler ]Wow, its been over a year since the site was update and almost a year since any work was done on this project! I've been working (almost) full time and any spare time I have had has been taken up with STM (Secure Text Messages) and ..::LvL (Quake 3 level reviews). Besides these two projects, I've been helping my partner with her site, Lilypie and on top of all that I've been spending time with my baby girl, Kiah.

As you can see, I've been busy, but the two main projects are finished (for now anyway) which allows me to get back into Industri from time to time. I will be looking for a 3D OpenGL programmer to help me finish off the Tenebrae 2 engine as work on the engine appears to have stopped. If you know anyone who maybe interested, ask them to get in touch (tigger -AT- onemoremonkey -DOT- com). (Update: see news post from 24, Jan 2006 - engine has changed) Hopefully there will be some new screenshots in a few months!

4 new screen shots - 30 May, 2004
It sure has been a while, but I've been busy with stuff that pays the rent. Today I have managed to get some time to work on Industri, so I thought I would spend some of it uploading four new screen shots. Yes, the project is progressing, but it has been going a little slow.
Industri-Alpha Leaked! - 18 Dec, 2003
A leaked alpha version of Industri is now available for download. The download is alpha code and level design. Nothing is finished and many 'things' are missing. It may not even run on some systems, however some people may be interested in checking out the current state of the project. Think of the release as a early preview.

Update: A patch is now available that fixes a few render bugs, mostly with ATi cards. Grab it here.

Hi-res screenshots - 28 Sep, 2003
I've put together 11 1600x1024 screenshots so people can see both the current state of Industri and what can be done with the (still alpha) Tenebrae 2 Engine. The download is about 10 megs, grab it from here. Most of the shots in the download can be seen (at a 640x400 res) on the screenshots page.
Industri, what is it? - 26 Apr, 2003
Industri is a Quake based, single player game using a modified version of the Tenebrae 1.x engine (Update: Now using the Doom 3 engine, 24 Jan, 2006). The Tenebrae engine is an Open Source (GNU GPL) modification of Quake that brings per-pixel lighting, stencil shadows, hi-res textures, bumpmap and normalmaps to the gaming experience.

The focus of Industri is a rich single-player game and engine. There is no multi-player at all. The initial release features two short levels (plus a 'start' or 'skill selection' map) however the gameplay is designed to flow from one level to the next. This release should be seen as a work in progress. You can download Industri 1.00 from the downloads page. Although Industri will run on a GeForce 2 video card, the targeted hardware is GeForce 3 or better.

There are a number of work in progress screenshots on the screenshots page. These date back to the very start of the project and do not reflect the final game very well :]