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Endarchy downloads - Doom 3 engine + Tenebrae 2 engine + Tenebrae engine
Industri v1.00 - 26 Apr, 2005
Industri 1.00 Industri v1.00 requires a full version of Quake. This release contains two game play levels and a 'start' or 'skill selection' map. The download contains all the data files plus the Win32 executable. Linux and MacOSX users will need to compile their own binaries using the source code (available as a tar.gz from Sourceforge, Dropbox or Game Front). Anyone willing to help test and compile under MacOSX please get in touch with me. Industri has been known to compile and run on SuSE 8.2, Mandrake 9 and Debian 3.0 Woody.

The readme is available right here.

Download Industri v1.00 from: (~30MB)

The source files can downloaded from: (~1MB, required for OSX and Linux users)

Timedemos can be used to assess hardware performance. Two timedemos and some information about them can be downloaded from: (~91kb)

Tigs Black Box - 18 Dec, 2003
[ Tigs Black Box - Shambler ] A collection of black box rooms with a moving light, items and monsters. There is a matching .map file for each of the .bsp files, so you can do things like change the light value, colour speed, rotation or anything else.

For an in-game screen shot try this link.

Download the Black Box Maps from: (~91kb)

A cleaner Gfx.wad replacement - 3 Dec, 2002
[ Industri GFX Wad ] A lot of the HUD graphics are stored in the 'gfx.wad' file. You can dowload an alternative, cleaner looking gfx.wad below. This gfx.wad is intended to be used with Tenebrae, but can be used with any version of Quake you like. Once you download the file, unzip it and place it in you Tenebrae folder. If you do not like what you see, delete it :]

For an in-game screen shot, check out this screenshot.

Download the gfx.wad from: (~26kb)