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Endarchy downloads - Doom 3 engine + Tenebrae 2 engine + Tenebrae engine
Industri Alpha Dev-Kit - 28 Oct, 2005
Industri consoleAn Industri Alpha has been released with the all the source files for the game artwork. This includes the map files. Also incuded are some notes on how to edit levels using GtkRadiant, however this information may be out of date. The download is about 180MB and is complete (that is, you unzip it and can play the game or start working on a level).

Grab the Industri Alpha Dev-Kit from: (~180MB)

Industri-alpha leaked - 18 Dec, 2003
[ Industri-alpha leaked ]This is a leaked version of Industri. Its in a very alpha state. It includes missing textures, non-working menus, no HUD, only 3 levels, very slow level loading times, 10-30 FPS, and many other little things that make it clear that this game is far from finished. There is a good chance that it will not even run on your system. Still interested? Check out the readme first.

Download the leaked alpha from: (~46MB, Windows only)

And download a small patch for some rendering issues from: (~322kb)
Industri 1600x1024 Screenshots - 27 Sep, 2003
[ Industri 1600x1024 screenshots ]Industri is still a long way from being released. Think of these screenshots as a progress report and a sample of what will be in the release. The download contains 11 hi-res screenshot (1600x1024) of industri 2.

Download the screenshots from: (~10MB)