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How to use GtkRadiant with Quake or Tenebrae 1.x
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The following pages will step through the process of setting up GtkRadiant 1.2.x for editing Quake (or Tenebrae or any Quake based engine). The process may seem long but that is only because I have gone into a lot of detail. This How-To is targeted at Windows users but should be easy enough for Linux/Unix users to use as a guide.
The required files
The following files are the required for the success of this how-to. Make sure you have them all before going any further. The following are optional downloads. They are NOT required for Quake based editing with GtkRadiant but can be helpful or useful in some other way. If you are editing for Tenebrae or industri you should grab a copy of the industri.def file. Note that only one *.def file can be used at a time. Rename any other *.def file to *.bak (or delete it).
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