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How to use GtkRadiant with Quake or Tenebrae 1.x
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OK, now what?
The intention of this how-to was to get you to the point where you can start to map for Quake with GtkRadiant. Making something with GtkRadiant is well covered by the q3radiant manual. Google is also a great friend.

The absolute basics are:

  • Click and Drag to make a brush
  • Press ESC to deselect a new or selected brush
  • SHIFT+Click to select a brush
  • CTRL+TAB will cycle through the X, Y and Z windows
  • Right Mouse Click for the entity placement context menu.
  • With a brush selected, press the spacebar to duplicate the brush
  • Important: Select any brush that is not an entity, Press N (entity information) and add the wad path information to the worldspawn. If you do not add the wad path your levels will either have a checkerboard effect (standard Quake) or no textures other than a sky (Tenebrae/industri)
To compile your map;
  • Save it to d:\quake\id1\maps
  • Start a dos window
  • Type d:
  • Type cd quake\id1\utils
  • Type compile.bat mapname (do not include the .map)

If you have done everything correct your map will compile to d:\quake\id1\maps\q1mapname.bsp and you will be asked if you want to start Quake and check out your new map. (Notice the q1 prefix that is added to your map)

If you have a checkerboard effect (standard Quake) or a sky box and no textures (Tenebrae/industri) then you have an error in the wad path of the worldspawn entity. Select a brush that is a standard brush (NOT an entity), press 'N' and edit the value for the wad flag.

If nothing else, read the manual! You can find it on your hard drive at d:\GtkRadiant\q3rad_manual\index.htm

If you find any errors, have suggestions or wish to see something explained in more detail within this how-to, email me at tigger -AT- lvlworld. com.

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